What are the benefits of ventless cooking?

26 Aug 22

Ventless cooking is a revolutionary concept, which has rapidly become more and more popular within the foodservice industry; but what are the main benefits of ventless cooking? Let’s take a look..

As the name would suggest, overhead extraction (or a vent) is not required for ventless equipment. With usual commercial ovens, fryers, grills, griddles etc. it is important to install commercial extraction in order to draw in airborne debris, collect steam, fumes and odours; whereas with ventless equipment this extraction is essentially built into the unit, meaning any debris/odours will be captured within the unit. This is beneficial to any commercial kitchen, as overhead extraction and maintenance of it can come at quite a cost.

Ventless equipment also adds flexibility to your operation; as the unit does not have to sit underneath an extractor, it can be placed virtually anywhere within your kitchen, or even front of house, meaning the equipment is designed to fit and suit your kitchen, rather than the other way around. This also means for smaller spaces with limited offerings, such as cafes and bakeries, a ventless oven could be placed front of house, virtually removing the need for any sort of substantial kitchen space. Furthermore, any operator is free to relocate equipment as many times as they like, based on their preferred kitchen layout, with no requirement for any sort of refurbishments or costs to be involved.

Moreover, the use of ventless equipment allows operators to focus their efforts elsewhere, as many ventless ovens/fryers are automated and/or will inform you once the cooking process has finished, meaning operators do not have to stand and watch over product as it cooks. Not only this, but ventless cooking tends to provide much more consistent food quality, as most machines have programmable menus, meaning food is cooked exactly as is programmed to do so, and the risk of human error diminishing food quality is reduced.

At Middleby UK, we have a wide range of ventless equipment available to suit your kitchen, your preferences and your requirements; from brands such as TurboChef, Evo and Perfect Fry, we can help you to maximise efficiency within your commercial kitchen, without maximising costs.

You can find more information on our ventless equipment here.