Ventless Solutions at Middleby UK

01 Jun 22

Here at Middleby UK, we offer solutions that suit just about any kitchen; no matter the shape, size or style. We are certain that with our extensive portfolio, we will always have the right solutions for you.

We understand that not every kitchen has the capacity for ventilation, and we don’t think that this should limit your ability to provide a wide menu offering. That’s why we offer a wide range of ventless equipment!

Our ventless solutions usually have a small footprint, and can be easily placed on a countertop – saving that all important kitchen space. Built-in filtration systems eliminate the need for ventilation hoods, meaning the equipment can be placed anywhere in your kitchen.

Take a look at some of the ventless solutions we have to offer:


From pizzas, paninis and pastries, to salmon, lasagne, mac & cheese and so much more, our vast TurboChef range can help you cook it. The TurboChef rapid cook ovens deliver superior speed and performance every single time, whilst remaining energy-efficient and having a small footprint.

Perfect Fry

Create a full and varied menu with just one piece of equipment. The Perfect Fry is easy to install and even easier to use; cook fries, onion rings, chicken tenders and much more with the push of a button.

The Perfect Fry automated fryer minimises staffing requirements and preparation time, whilst maximising cooking capacity and efficiency, and the built-in filtration and fire suppression systems eliminate the need for costly hoods and fans, making it perfect for kitchens with even the most limited space.


The impressive Evo ventless griddle is perfect for entertaining customers, and has been aesthetically designed for front of house use. The integrated ventilation system ensures that air is extracted across the griddle surface through a series of filters that remove smoke and grease, before exhausting clean air, meaning there is no need for an overhead vent, so the unit can be placed virtually anywhere that you would like.

Bakers Pride

Bakers Pride are globally recognised for their high-quality baking, cooking and broiling equipment, and it’s easy to see why. The Bakers Pride deck ovens have been expertly crafted to stand the test of time, are extremely easy to use and maintain, and provide consistently exceptional results through fast and thorough cooking.

The Bakers Pride deck ovens are ideal for a wide selection of bakery products, such as fresh dough pizza, pre-baked crusts, pretzels, flatbreads and much more.

 Where can I find out more?

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