The TurboChef Fire – Get A Pizza This!

09 Feb 22

Is there anyone who isn’t obsessed with pizza? If there is, it certainly isn’t any of us at Middleby UK!

It’s National Pizza Day, so it’s only right that we talk about some of the amazing pizza solutions we have to offer, and today we’re talking about the TurboChef Fire Artisan Pizza Oven!

Ideal for front of house use, thanks to its striking red colour and unique design, the TurboChef Fire Pizza Oven is a highly innovative ventless solution for accelerated artisan pizza cooking. The oven can cook a full 14” pizza in as little as 90 seconds – yes, that’s correct, a 14” pizza in just 90 seconds!

If that wasn’t enough, the unit’s independent top and bottom electronic temperature control and convection motors mean you don’t even have to worry about turning or moving the pizza during cooking; simply load the pizza and turn it on, and once cooking has finished you will be left with a delicious, uniformly cooked & crispy pizza! Furthermore, the Fire has a small footprint and is ventless, so it can be placed pretty much anywhere without the need for costly ventilation!

Not that you would need any more convincing, but why not take a look at this fantastic piece of equipment in action? –

If you would like any more information on the TurboChef Fire or any of our other pizza solutions, get in touch with our sales team on 01925 821 280 or at – they will be more than happy to have a lengthy discussion about pizza with you!