The Perfect Fry PFA

15 Mar 21

At Middleby UK we offer a huge range of ventless solutions – something for every kitchen. Whether you’ve only got a small amount of countertop space, or simply don’t have the ventilation required for certain items – we’re sure we’ve got the solution to solve your problems.

From global brands such as Perfect Fry, we’ve got all the answers.

Are you looking to create a full menu with ventless solutions but worried about how? There’s no need to worry, let us tell you more about our offerings.

Ventless. Odorless. Countertop


Fried food is not only popular with customers – it also offers big profit margins. Gross margins of 70% are not easily achievable for most business types, but with only £200 worth of hot food sold each day can mean a profit margin of £50,000 annually!

Easy to Install

The Perfect Fry is self-contained and has no hoods or canopies, meaning installation costs are kept to a minimum. It is compact and requires little space.

Easy to Use

The Perfect Fry is automated which means users simply need to select the appropriate cooking cycle depending on what type of food they are cooking and press a button. There is no chance of over or under cooking, so there’s no chef required for a perfect frying result every time, keeping your labour costs down.

A whole menu with just one piece of equipment

Fried food has warm, comforting and satisfyingly crispy textures that really hit the spot. Many fried food options are made for sharing.

The range of fried food that can be produced with the Perfect Fry is seemingly endless. Options can be tailored to the style, price point and demographic of your venue through simple attention to menu selection and tweaks to the way the food is presented.

From shareable snacks to full meals, there is a great range of high-margin options to help you offer a full menu with one ventless, automated piece of countertop equipment.

Want to learn more about the Perfect Fry ventless fryers that we have to offer here at Middleby UK? Just give us a call on 01925 821 280 or simply send us an email to and our team will be more than happy to help!