The MagiKitch’n Chrome Griddle

06 Apr 21

The strongest link in your chain.

MagiKitch’n’s chain proven griddles are often the backbone of kitchen operations from one of the most recognisable food equipment brands around the world. MagiKitch’n allows you to customise your product to your needs like no other chain-ready product, period.

Heavy Duty. High Performance. High Efficiency.

MagiKitch’n’s best-in-the-industry chrome griddles are available in both gas and electric models with 24″ cooking depths. The chrome surface reduces energy use by up to 30% and the surface cannot chip like other surfaces in the industry.

The heavy duty 1″ thick griddle plate only releases heat on point of contact, ensuring a cooler kitchen environment for your chefs whilst still allowing for burgers to cook in just 2 minutes! The fixed steel rods beneath the chrome surface allow for the heat to transfer evenly throughout the griddle – allowing for even cooking no matter which part of the plate your food is on.

Once your food is cooked, the MagiKitch’n Chrome Griddle has a 2″ rim around the entire chrome plate which has no direct heat to it, allowing you to use this as a resting place to keep your cooked food warm.

The polished chrome surface provides you with:

  • Quick searing action
  • Better caramelisation
  • Faster cook times
  • Reduced flavour migration
  • Cooler ambient temperatures
  • Better energy effiency

There’s only one thing that can top your MagiKitch’n griddle – a MagiKitch’n Chrome Griddle. The strongest link in your chain.

Our team of experts are on hand to help you learn more about our Chrome Griddles – available in a range of sizes, and in gas or electric – so get in touch today to order yours! Give us a call on 01925 821 280 or email us on