Take control of your kitchen!

24 Feb 22

Having control in your commercial kitchen is vital – but what does it really mean for your cooking?

Firstly, it ensures consistency – when you have control over the entire cooking process, including temperatures and timings, it means you achieve consistent results and food quality each time you cook.

Secondly, it increases ease of use and gives you peace of mind. With precise and absolute cooking controls, your operators can be assured that the equipment will deliver the excellent results that are expected every time. It also means that chefs and kitchen staff can focus on other things, certain that whatever items they are cooking are not in danger of being spoiled.

Pitco understand the need for control in the kitchen, which is why they offer 4 different controller options for their fryers – Millivolt Controls, Solid State Controls, Digital Controls and I-12 Computer Controls. Let’s learn more about each one..

Millivolt Controls

The Millivolt Control is the most basic option Pitco has for its fryers. It is an easy way to control a fryer, without requiring an external electricity source in order to operate. While it does add a level of simplicity, it does require an operator to manually ignite the pilot, which involves some training for operators.

Solid State Controls

The next step up in control is the Solid State Control, which is the upgraded manual controller. These controls are located within the fryer cabinet, and unlike the Millivolt controls, run on an external electricity source, without the need to manually ignite the pilot. The solid state controls provide a number of benefits, such as greater temperature control, increased productivity, longer oil lifespan and increased safety.

Greater temperature control – With a plus or minus 1˚ reactivity from set temperature, the solid state controls offer more precise control of the temperature, which results in consistently high quality product.

Increased productivity – Solid state controls speed up and improve the recovery process and increase food production.

Longer oil lifespan – The solid state control’s melt-cycle feature automatically melts shortening in the tank, preventing oil degradation and extending the oil’s lifespan.

Increased safety – The boil out mode on solid state controls keeps water simmering steadily, without overheating and causing oil to splash out of the fryer.

Furthermore, solid state controls once installed, can be easily upgraded, or alternatively can be used as a back-up control for the Digital or 12-Button Control.

Digital Controls

Digital controls are a step above the manual control process, and allow operators to execute a number of processes easier and more efficiently than with manual control. Pitco’s digital controls are easy to use and simple to understand, making training staff on using a fryer less time consuming.

Temperatures and times are displayed digitally, and a turn of a dial evolves into the simple push of a button. The digital timer means that operators are alerted when frying time is over, reducing the risk of overcooking and increasing consistency. Furthermore, the controls are located on the outside of the fryer as opposed to inside the cabinet, making them easier to access.

While digital controls are extremely dependable, as a fail-safe, Pitco fryers do have the option of installing solid state controls as a back-up, in the unlikely event that the probe should fail on the digital controller.

I-12 Computer Controls

I-12 Computer Controls are the next step up from digital controls, further simplifying operation and incorporating automation into your cooking processes. Computer controls enable kitchen staff to focus on other preparatory tasks, without having to worry or be constantly checking the food that is being cooked, meaning that productivity can be truly maximised. With the ability to regulate frying time and temperatures for up to 12 pre-programmed recipes, your frying needs can be met at the simple press of a button.

Computer controls can help to reduce the amount you are spending on oil, as the steady regulation of oil temperature will prolong the lifespan and quality of your oil, reducing how often it needs to be replenished. Furthermore, the accurate temperature and timing monitoring, along with automated hold timers, mean that overcooking food is a thing of the past, and food wastage can be eliminated.

How can I find out more?

If you would like more information on which control options would best suit your needs, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly sales team by telephone on 01925 821 280 or by email at sales@middlebyuk.co.uk and they will be happy to share their knowledge with you.

View the full Pitco range here – https://middlebyuk.co.uk/our-brands/pitco