Self Service in the Foodservice Industry

26 Aug 22

Over the past couple of years, self-service has become more and more popular in several industries; the main one being food.

Due to the prohibition of face-to-face interaction during the pandemic, the hospitality industry had to innovate in order to keep on its feet. Thus the concept of self-service, which already previously existed, began to grow, becoming 61% of consumer preferred way of purchase.

Self-service kiosks, mainly seen in quick service restaurants, have multiple benefits. Mainly, it allows for a quicker turnover, leading to increased profits. Furthermore, accuracy is improved as it removes human error and streamlines the preparation process. Self-service is also now done with QR codes and delivery apps, an online menu and ordering system, making it more convenient for consumer, as they can easily choose and order their food without queueing, and before arriving at the restaurant.

This completely contactless service has become more and more popular over these last two years, leading to the use of self-service food holding cabinets; automated lockers where food out for delivery can be locked in and safely stored. Queue introduction for the innovative Carter Hoffmann PUC cabinet.

With the PUC cabinet, the customer receives a notification with a QR code when their food is ready and through the touchscreen tablet, they easily gain access to the food. The PUC has 6 smart order cabinets with automated pick-up program, so removes all hassle. It features a pop-latch, auto door therefore providing a fully contactless experience.

So, if you would like to increase your efficiency, productivity, and revenue. The Carter Hoffman PUC cabinet is the solution for you.

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