Pitco – VF65



Pitco have long held a reputation for the production of powerful and reliable commercial fryers. The VF65 is no different, offering a generous capacity 39 litre oil tank with dual baskets, the VF65 provides impressive output and is ideal for busy professional kitchens. The fryer is specifically engineered to make cooking and maintenance faster and easier. The atmospheric burner system uses four stainless steel tubes to quickly bring the oil up to cooking temperature, whilst also quickly recovering temperature when filled with frozen foods. The deep cool zone ensures food particles don’t burn, helping to extend the lifespan of the oil, therefore reducing running costs. Cleaning is easy too, thanks to the time-saving easy-clean stainless steel construction throughout.


Width (mm)499
Height (mm)1197
Depth (mm)864
GasNat or LPG available
Warranty1 year (5 year tank)