Pitco – SEH50/FD-FFF



Ideal for busy, high-demand kitchens, the SEH50/FD-FFF has the ability to fry high volumes of fried food, with consistently high quality results every time. With a large oil capacity of 23 litres per vat and an impressive output of 14kW per hour per vat, this fryer will continue to deliver an outstanding performance, no matter how busy. This solstice electric fryer features a fixed heating element, to eliminate oil migration, creating a safer working environment by keeping the hot elements in the tank where they belong. The unit’s solid state controller maintain’s the ideal temperature of the oil, and feature a built-in melt cycle and boil out mode, creating faster frying times. The heavy duty construction makes this fryer extremely reliable, while the stainless steel exterior ensures easy cleaning.


Width (mm)1191
Height (mm)1163
Depth (mm)762
Warranty1 year