Magikitch’n – MKG/C-36



Made for the most demanding kitchens, Magikitch’n professional griddles are trusted around the world to deliver exceptional cooking performance. The MKG/C-36 is no different. With ultra-strong construction throughout, the MKG provides truly impressive reliability and flexibility. The thick griddle plate is especially advanced. Using a superior process which bonds hardened chrome to the A400 steel substrate, the surface is designed to be immensely hard and chip-proof. This ensures a flat, even cooking surface – even after numerous scrapings and cleanings. The premium chrome plate also helps to reduce cook times and improve energy efficiency – vital in any fast-paced kitchen.


Width (mm)910
Height (mm)592
Depth (mm)801
GasNat or LPG available
Warranty1 year. 6 months consumables