Firex – Easypan

MODEL: Easypan


The Firex Easypan is the ideal solution for high-volume boiling, whether it’s soups, broths, sauces or more. The boiling pan is constructed from AISI 316 steel, which allows food to be cooked with high acidity content, and the fiber glass panels ensure that heat is always retained, resulting in thoroughly heated products every time. It boasts an impressive capacity of up to 471 litres, and is heated via high efficiency tube burners.

Available as direct gas, indirect gas, indirect electric and steam heating versions.
Dimensions shown reflect 106 litre capacity model – also available in 142 litre, 187 litre, 210 litre, 337 litre and 471 litre capacity models.


Width (mm)800
Height (mm)1100
Depth (mm)900
GasDirect Gas / Indirect Gas
ElectricIndirect Electric