Firex – Cucimix

MODEL: Cucimix


Cucimix by Firex is the professional industrial cooker for catering that offers the possibility of creating many recipes in as many cooking modes.

Firex have a longstanding reputation for high performance and high quality, innovative cooking equipment, and the Cucimix is no exception. The Cucimix is the friendly, versatile tool of every cook, able to manage each process independently and easily. Designed for large catering sites such as schools, canteens and events venues, this unit is a compact, all-in-one multifunctional cooker with direct heating and a built in mixer, meaning you don’t have to be constantly stirring or watching the machine – it does the bulk of the work for you and will alert you when you are required to take action.

Available in gas, electric or steam versions.
Dimensions shown reflect 90 litre capacity model – also available as 130 litre, 180 litre and 310 litre capacity models.


Width (mm)1455
Height (mm)1030
Depth (mm)1290
GasNat or LPG available