National Burger Day

25 Aug 22

Happy National Burger Day!

Don’t we all love to enjoy a burger? Well, whether you prefer beef burgers, chicken burgers or veggie burgers, it’s so easy to do with the Nieco Broilers.

Designed for reliability in mid-to-high volume operations, the Nieco broiler delivers a superior product whilst saving 40% in energy costs.

Based on your configurations on the digital controls, it slides the product slowly in on the automatic feeder, consistently cooking it to perfection and efficiently dropping them into the baskets.

With the innovative, patented BroilVection technology, the Nieco automatic Broiler combines radiant, reflective, and convective heat, evenly cooking products, producing a delicious, charbroiled flavour at fast speeds. Its compact style fits easily in any kitchen, conforming to its duty of serving lower volume facilities.

Watch us put the Nieco broilers to the test here.

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