Middleby UK adds the pressure to its competition

01 Oct 21

Middleby UK expand their product portfolio by adding the BKI electric pressure fryer to their offering.

The extra-large, electric pressure-fryer is designed for simple operation, long life, and high production volume. The patented quick-disconnect allows for easy removal of the filtering vat, with the ability to choose from manual rotary controls or touchpad controls for easy programming and one-touch cooking.

The electric operation of the unit saves on energy efficiency and allows for easy installation for every kitchen.

Founded in 1954, BKI has the distinction of being an originator and introducing the commercial revolving oven to the foodservice industry. Today, BKI’s full line of specialty foodservice equipment continues the company’s legacy of innovation and superior craftsmanship.

Chris Clark, Sales & Marketing Director for Middleby UK says, “We often get asked for pressure fryers, it’s been one of the missing pieces to our already impressive and expanding portfolio. This is hugely exciting for Middleby UK and our network of customers, adding to the Middleby1 solution. As is all our equipment, the BKI pressure fryer is live and available to demo in our Wigan Innovation Kitchen – we look forward to welcoming our customers to test it for themselves soon.”