Mark Lamberton’s Top Tips for Perfect Latte Art on UK Coffee Week

14 Oct 22

It’s UK Coffee Week so we’ve caught up with Middleby Beverage’s Mark Lamberton to learn some of his top tips for creating the perfect latte art!

Pouring latte art requires the right ingredients: a freshly brewed espresso and microfoamed milk! Microfoam is the term used for steaming milk so that your bubbles are extremely small, giving the milk a glossy sheen and velvety texture.

You need to prep your canvas: When initially pouring milk into the cup you want to hold the jug a few inches above the espresso so that the milk goes beneath the espresso’s crema and doesn’t leave any white marks.

Begin to paint: When the cup is about 2 thirds full, lower your jug so the spout is as close to the crema as possible – you’ll see when you’ve done this that the milk will now sit on top of the crema, creating a white spot in contrast to the brown crema.

Pour your heart out: the heart is a gateway to all the other latte art patterns you can pour, making it an ideal first pattern. So you’ve lowered the milk jug’s spout to the edge of the cup and you begin to see a white spot on the crema: now direct the spout into the centre of the cup while continuing to pour. A shape resembling the top half of a heart will be begin to expand on top of the crema, in the centre of the cup!

Finish with a flourish: when the cup is 95% full you’ll want to direct the spout of the jug forward and through your pattern, slightly lifting the jug as you go. Think of plane taking off. This final stream of milk will drag the rounded bottom of your heart into a pointed tail! There’s your heart!

Give Mark’s top tips a try and let us know how it works out! Happy Coffee Week!