Make Your Passion for Grilling a Reality with the Josper Charcoal Oven

11 Aug 22

Innovative. Unique. Revolutionary. This is Josper.

We are sure you have seen us raving about the Josper charcoal ovens, and if you have ever seen them in action, you will understand why.

With over 50 years of experience developing and innovating, combining tradition with technology, Josper has made its mark within the industry and has become a true gastronomic giant.

An elegant combination of a grill and an oven in a single machine, the Josper is aimed at a particularly demanding sector; the HoReCa sector, and is highly rated by steak houses, brasseries, tapas bars, bistro-cafes, traditional restaurants and haute cuisine.

The Josper 100% charcoal oven is a incomparable piece of equipment, with a unique closed barbecue design, different levels of grilling, a front opening door, a vent system for temperature control and a double rack to gain productivity. The Josper’s high-tech steel alloys & high quality components create a robust and reliable product, suitable for the busiest and most demanding kitchens.

The Josper charcoal oven brings together tradition and innovation to add rich flavours and authentic taste to your food. Capable of reaching temperatures of 350˚C and producing perfectly smoked and grilled food for up to 9 hours with just one load of charcoal, this high quality, expertly crafted and aesthetically pleasing oven will elevate your culinary offering to the highest level.

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