Let’s take a look at the Beech Ovens

09 Feb 21

Who doesn’t love pizza?!

This National Pizza Day we can’t stop talking about the high-end Beech oven!

Most of us would have been to a restaurant with an open kitchen and sitting behind, the large pizza oven, flames flickering as you continuously watch to see if ‘that’s our pizza’ going in. Here we have Beech ovens, the world leading stone hearth (brick lined) oven manufacturers with a reputation for superior quality, reliability and equally important, innovation.

The Beech ovens have it all, the look, the theatre, the quality, and that is why it has to be my favourite pizza oven, and mainly the reasons why customers all over the world choose it. You will find Beech in many international high-end franchises and is specified by some of the most prestigious design houses, the fact that these ovens are customisable and can be integrated is also a huge bonus.

With a portfolio of pizza oven offerings across the Middleby brands, Beech is the top end choice, for customers who want the theatre and to ensure their customers get that traditional stone baked pizza.

But it’s not just Pizza, Beech ovens are great for sautéing, grilling, shish kebabs, stir frying, salamander, roasting, steaming, breads, breakfast grilling, reheating, holding. The Beech ovens really have it all and on top of this they are expected to last well over 20 years and are maintenance free.

Want to learn more about what the Beech oven can offer to your kitchen? Get in touch with Chris Clark today on 01925 821 280, or drop him an email at chris@middlebyuk.co.uk where he’d be more than happy to talk pizza with you!