Grill Revolution from Josper

20 Jul 21

We would be very surprised here at Middleby UK if you’ve not heard us shouting about the incredible Josper charcoal ovens yet! But let us tell you all about them…

Grill Revolution

Born in 1969 in Barcelona, Josper has become a legend in the world of charcoal gastronomy. Now supplied into the UK market exclusively through Middleby UK, Josper is perfect for the most demanding chefs wanting to achieve the highest quality of grilling over the highest quality charcoal.

Designed with professional chefs and their demands in mind, Josper’s revolutionary ovens are unique due to the expert knowledge behind the build and design of each oven. Josper are always looking to the future and for new ways to innovate to introduce into the market.

Fully customisable to suit your kitchen needs, we couldn’t love the Josper charcoal ovens more than we already do! From coloured doors to building your own combination of ovens together, we can help to design your perfect oven for all of your grilling needs.

Why settle for second best? Order your Josper charcoal oven today and have the best on the market.

The original charcoal ovens and world leader in grilling from Josper – available from Middleby UK.

Get in touch with our team on or 01925 821 280 to learn more and order yours today.