Get energised with the Synesso S-Series

16 Jun 22

We’re sure we at Middleby UK aren’t the only ones who rely on coffee to get us through the day, and whether you prefer a latte, cappuccino or a simple espresso, we can all agree that a café or coffee shop is the place to get the perfect caffeine fix – that’s where the Synesso S-Series comes in.

Synesso was established in 2004 with the strong desire to bring the most barista friendly, dependable and responsive commercial espresso machines to the market. Each machine is hand crafted to order, ensuring each machine delivers exceptional quality results, so that customers can be promised an unrivalled coffee experience.

The S-Series has been expertly designed with volumetric user-defined programming, to make it highly reliable, easy to use, and incredibly precise. The S-Series boasts a multitude of innovative features, such as group heads with no wear parts, individual brew boilers, digital shot timers, programmable temperatures per group head, cool touch steam wands and one-tap controls, to make use fast and fun. Furthermore, once service has finished for the day, the unit can be easily cleaned and flushed ready for the next day’s use.

The S-Series is available as either a 2-group or 3-group unit, depending on the volume of coffee you wish to make at one time, and is available in black or white (both of which look incredibly sleek).

Where can I find out more?

You can see this premium quality, low profile espresso machine in action here –

If you wish to enquire about these products, learn more information or see further specifications, you can do so here –