Double your performance with the TurboChef Double Batch!

29 Mar 22

For fast, high-quality results, the TurboChef Double Batch is the ultimate solution!

This high-speed countertop oven is designed to significantly reduce cook times, minimise energy usage, and enable you to create a wide and varied menu offering, all while giving you the freedom to cook anywhere, without the need for ventilation.

The Double Batch is equipped with two independent cook chambers that circulate impinged air at speeds of up to 50 mph, to deliver impressively fast cooking speeds. The oven also utilises variable speed blowers and an oscillating rack, which work together to create high heat transfer rates, and ensure each product is thoroughly and evenly cooked.

Each of the oven’s cook chambers can accommodate for 1 half-size sheet pan, or a 16-inch pizza, and can be managed via the simple touch controls, which feature a split-screen design that allows the chambers to be controlled simultaneously. The unit’s smart menu system has the capacity to store up to 800 recipes (400 per chamber) in order to ensure your kitchen can keep up with growing customer demands. Furthermore, built-in self-diagnostics monitor the oven’s components and performance, ensuring it is always operating at the highest level.

It is possible to stack the Double Batch using a stacking kit, and the built-in recirculating catalytic converter makes the oven ventless, eliminating the need for costly overhead extraction, making it the perfect small-footprint solution for any busy catering site, even kitchens with limited space.

Here’s a few examples of what you can cook in the TurboChef Double Batch:

  • 16-inch Pizza (fresh dough) – 3 minutes
  • Toasted Sandwich – 1 minute 35 seconds
  • Roasted Vegetables – 5 minutes
  • Chicken Wings – 5 minutes 45 seconds

Where can I find out more?

You can see the Double Batch in action here –

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