CiBO+ makes a big impact in Middleby UK’s Innovation Kitchen

17 Aug 23

Middleby UK has made further updates to its showroom facility in Wigan to showcase its high-speed oven, CiBO+ by Lincat.

CiBO+ was launched by Middleby UK’s sister company, Lincat, in early 2022, and has seen great success across the UK and Europe, making its mark in the accelerated cooking sector.

The initial launch event took place in the Middleby UK showroom and the product now requires its own feature area within the facility.

The new dedicated CiBO+ area is one of numerous amendments to be made in the Wigan Innovation Kitchen over the coming months, and sets the standard of how Middleby UK wishes to showcase its range of brands and products.

Chris Clark, managing director for Middleby UK, said: “We are always looking at ways we can improve upon our showroom.

“We have such a fantastic portfolio of brands, and it’s paramount that we are always promoting just how incredible they are.

“Our new CiBO+ area is fantastic, and we are excited to keep building on this to ensure all of our brands are getting the exposure they deserve.”