Bring theatre to your kitchen with Beech Ovens

22 Mar 22

Expertly designed to attract attention and give outstanding results, the Beech Ovens are showstoppers, and it’s not hard to see why! Let’s take a closer look at why these ovens can be seen in so many well-known restaurants around the world…

The Beech Ovens team constructed their first wood fired pizza oven in 1989, and since then have been providing ovens to many illustrious clients, including leading kitchen designers, restauranteurs, and chefs, along with globally recognised luxury hotels, restaurants, casinos, cruise ships, and of course, pizza chains.

The Beech Oven product portfolio is extensive, and includes stone hearth ovens (wood fired, gas fired, or electric), pizza ovens, duck ovens, tandoors, rotisseries, bread ovens, standard and speciality chargrills, as well as churrascos, teppanyaki, shawarmas, charcoal ovens, fire pits and parillas.

The Beech Ovens can also be made completely bespoke to suit your kitchen’s needs and match its aesthetics, making them extremely flexible and ideal for almost any commercial kitchen; that’s why the Beech motto is “if you can conceptualise it, we can build it!”

With a unique and robust design, the Beech Ovens offer superior cooking ability, efficiency and unbeatable quality. The open door acts as a window for customers to see and experience the cooking process; watching their pizza go in and seeing the flames dance as it is being cooked.

Although the ovens are often used for producing the perfect, traditional stone-baked pizza, they can also be used to exquisitely bake, roast and grill; enabling a large and varied menu to be created using one oven.

Where can I find out more?

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