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Hounö Invoq - 6 grid combi oven

1977 was the year where the two Houmøller brothers, Svend and Hans Jørgen, build their first combi oven in Randers, Denmark.

The idea of making the combi oven first saw its peak of daylight, when success at Svend’s blooming restaurant meant the need for bigger kitchen ovens.
None of the industrial ovens on the market at that time suited his needs.

With more than 40 years of experience in the combi oven industry, HOUNÖ has continued to develop a strong knowhow within innovation and IoT in the combi oven industry.
As a result, engineering remains a strong backbone at the HOUNÖ we know today where quality, functionality combined with elegant Danish design is the essence of our products.

In 2006 HOUNÖ was acquired by the American Middleby Corporation providing professional foodservice and food processing equipment worldwide.

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