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Carter-Hoffmann began as a small company in the garage of its founder, Carter Hoffmann, in 1947. Carter designed and sold the very first banquet carts to hotels, to make banquet service easier. Heated transport carts, mobile refrigerators and utility equipment soon followed to round out the banquet service line. Over the years, cafeteria lines, hospital tray lines and plate dispensers were added to the growing list and expanding markets served by Carter-Hoffmann.

In 1990, Carter-Hoffmann had its first roll-out with a major quick service chain and entered the food holding category. Since then, we have been perfecting the holding environment and offer a wide variety of products for food holding, including modular holding cabinets, Crisp ‘N Hold stations for fried foods and hotLOGIX, a complete line of upright food holding cabinets. As the leader in food holding and transporting, Carter-Hoffmann continues to expand and innovate our growing line of food holding and transporting products.

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