Are you summer ready?

13 Jun 22

Now that summer is arriving, the weather is getting warmer and evenings are getting longer, it’s time to make sure your bar or restaurant is ready to attract and welcome diners, and satisfy their cravings.

Here at Middleby UK, we are certain that we have the perfect solutions to help you prepare your establishment for the summer season.

Outdoor Cooking

If your restaurant has space for al fresco dining and outdoor seating, you should consider adding a charcoal grill or oven to your portfolio; perfect for all kinds of barbecue food such as burgers, hot dogs, chicken, steak and so much more.

At Middleby UK, we offer the Kamado Joe range, with choices from the Classic Joe II (a smaller and more compact unit, but still packing a mighty punch) to the Big Joe II (a large unit perfect for high volumes of cooking). The unit’s striking red colour will be sure to attract attention, and the chargrilled flavours will keep customers coming back for more.

If you are looking for an impressive feature piece of equipment, we also offer the Josper HJX and HJA charcoal ovens, which bring together tradition and innovation to give your food a rich and authentic taste. Whether you prefer a small countertop unit or a large standing unit, these ovens will elevate your culinary offering to the highest level.

Ventless options

If you are looking to add simple food items to your establishment offerings, look no further than our range of ventless equipment. With solutions ranging from the TurboChef Fire pizza oven, which can cook a 14” fresh dough pizza in as little as 90 seconds, to the Perfect Fry PFA, which allows you to cook a range of menu items with just one piece of equipment, or the Bakers Pride deck ovens, which enable you to offer a range of pastries and other bakery items.

Ice Machines

To enhance your beverage offerings, seek out our premium quality ice machines from Brema and Follett. Designed for productivity, functionality and increased sanitation, these ice machines are suitable for almost anywhere with a power/water supply, whether it be a bar, restaurant, or events venue, to ensure you can offer your customers superior refreshments whenever they need it.

Where can I find out more?

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